Travel painting

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I just published a post about making artwork while traveling on my new website: Hope you can check it out 🙂

Plein air painting: Mesas

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9 by 12 inches, oil on hardboard
9 by 12 inches, oil on hardboard

Today I painted right outside our room at the beautiful Castle Valley Inn in Utah. On the mesa in the distance the narrow pillars are called the bishop and nuns, and the wider part is called the rectory. We’re close to the Colorado River, in a cool green valley surrounded by amazing red rock formations. Now that the hottest part of the day has past, we’re heading into Arches National Park (if we can wrestle everyone back into the car). We did some more star gazing last night, some of us from the hot tub. I saw two long shooting stars.

Plein air painting: Fall River

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8 by 8 inches, oil on hardboard

And here we are in the Rocky Mountains. We are still fighting off colds and coughs, so after trying a few short trails this morning we took it easy today. For me, that meant sitting in the backyard, painting the Fall River. I’m also posting a quick painting I did two days ago outside our hotel in Custer State Park. I keep reminding myself – simple, basic shapes! But I struggle to put it into practice. And why is green so hard?