Oil Painting: Sunset, Duck Lake Beach

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November already! We had our first snowfall today. This sunset painting is inspired by a summer trip to Michigan back in July. I’ve kept busy painting indoors and out, and teaching at Insight Fine Art Studio, among other things. I post more frequently on Instagram as debrhapainting, but I’ll be bringing this page back up to date over the next few days.

I’m looking forward to showing work with  fine jeweler Dora Winchester on November 27 in Glencoe’s Guild Hall. More details coming soon.

I’ll also be updating my etsy shop with quite a few new pieces including a series of works on paper that I’m having so much fun with… soon, very soon!

Enjoy the weekend, friends.


Michigan Sunset plein air

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I painted in my parents’ backyard on our weekend trip to Michigan. Congratulations to my niece on her high school graduation! They celebrated with an awesome open house, and we were happy to be a part of it.


Plein Air: Sunrises, Sunsets

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I had a great time at the Prairie Arts Festival last weekend. I connected with a lot of wonderful people, old and new friends. Thanks to all of you who stopped by my booth! The weather couldn’t have been nicer. My spot was on a beautiful lake, with swans nesting in the distance.

I was excited and honored to win the second place award (my red ribbon matched my sunburn – I brought sunblock on the second day).

I’m loving this online plein air class from Roos Schuring. These paintings are the sunrises and sunsets I’ve done so far. More updates coming soon!



Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 7.28.49 PM

Oil Painting: Warren Dunes Sunset

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Remember that night we were camping at Warren Dunes, and we tried to make it to the Lake Michigan beach for the sunset? We were a little late, but the vibrant sky and the dark beach and the fresh air felt like another planet. This little painting doesn’t do it justice, but it was fun to try.

Click on the painting to see it in my etsy shop.

Plein air oil painting: Evening at Wagner Farm

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10 by 8 inches, oil on hardboard, ©Deb Anderson
10 by 8 inches, oil on hardboard, ©Deb Anderson

After yesterday’s early morning plein air session I was pumped up to go out again in the evening, this time to the Wagner Farm Museum grounds. These two white draft horses were running back and forth, enjoying the grass and the sunset. With the glowing light, it’s easy to use too much yellow. I’ve noticed that in the past. Many things to work on.

Edit: after I posted I remembered a recent visitor’s comment about how forgiving oil paint is. If you don’t like it, scrap it off! So I took some of the yellow out of the sky, quieted down the line of trees and reposted. I’ll put the old photo of the painting below. Which one is better?

10 by 8 inches, oil on hardboard, ©Deb Anderson
10 by 8 inches, oil on hardboard, ©Deb Anderson

Click on the painting to view it in my etsy shop.

Oil Painting of a Streetlight at Sunset

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12 by 9 inches, oil on hardboard
12 by 9 inches, oil on hardboard

The sun is setting, the streetlight is just about to come on. Dusk in the burbs. I don’t do a lot of my painting outdoors at the moment, but I tried to paint this quickly and broadly, as if I were outside in changing light. Someday I hope to get out there more often, on frequent painting/traveling trips. I love this new Roos Schuring painting of sunrise over snow. Look at that thick paint!

Oil Painting of an Illinois Sunset

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10 by 8 inches, oil on hardboard

We saw this beautifully lit sky last week, my friend Christy took photos for me. I’ve gone around on this painting a few times and I think I am done. In other news, I’m getting ready for the Glenview Summer Art Fair at the end of July. It’s my first outdoor show. The pop-up canopy arrived today, and I’ll practice putting it up while we’re at the cottage next week.