Plein Air: Moonrise Over Water

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MoonriseOverWater©DAnderson copy

I woke early to catch the sunrise, setting up my easel and oil paints in almost full darkness. A crescent moon with one bright and one dimmer star (Venus and Regulus, I think?) hung over a pale horizon, reflected in the lake.

Oil on a Raymar linen canvas panel, 8 by 10 inches, ready for framing. Click here to see it in my Etsy store.


Here is a little map of the sky I looked up on after I got home, to figure out what I was seeing.


Oil Painting: Moon Over Meadow

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14 by 10 inches, oil on hardboard

Whoo! Another gorgeous morning. I spent about 2 hours in the Grove, Glenview’s outdoor history and nature museum. I walked around quite a while looking for a view that was a little wild and woodsy, but with simple forms. The moon caught my eye. I followed the steps Laurel Daniel¬†laid out in a recent post: block in, upright plane, ground plane, sky plane, refinement. Not sure why I feel so out of control painting outside. At one point I felt like I was mixing cake batter on the panel. The photo has a lot of glare. I may repost it later, but I’ve put off my chores long enough.