Oil Painting: Cottage Clouds

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After an amazing family vacation I am catching up on projects and getting ready for this weekend’s Glenview Art League Summer Art Fair! I’ll be donating a small painting to the silent auction, which benefits the Youth Art Fair, so be sure to attend if you can. The painting above is inspired by our recent stay at the cottage on Green Lake in Michigan. I have a few more to post before the show. I’ll be putting some of these in my etsy shop next week.


Plein Air: Library

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I set up a new, diy plein air painting easel by the library a few evenings ago and made this small sketch. I like the color of the warm evening light on the brick.

I have a couple events coming up! I’ll be at the Glenview Art League’s Summer Art Fair on July 30 and 31. Also, I’ll have a painting the Glenview Art League’s Member Show at the Bookmarket starting on the fifth. There will be a reception on July 22nd, but unfortunately I’ll be out of town then.

Oil Painting: Asters

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Asters ©Deb Anderson, 24 inches square, oil on canvas.

A wave, a drift of flowers, weeds, lush and brittle. A gift, a wall, a path, a dead end.

Oil Painting: Ocean Sunrise

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Another painting of the sky over the ocean, inspired by a recent cruise to the Bahamas. A rainbow of early light moves through the clouds and reflects in the dark water.

Click on the painting to see it in my etsy shop.

Oil Painting: Tigerlily

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I’ve been working on this riotous explosion of foliage for a few weeks. If you follow me on instagram (debrhapainting), you’ll have seen quite a few posts of the work in progress. I had the feeling that this painting knew exactly how it wanted to be, and I just had to clear the way.

Oil Painting: Sea and Sky

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This little six inch painting is inspired by a my recent Caribbean cruise (such an amazing trip). I’d never been on a cruise before. I had been warned that when you’re at see the views are kind of boring, just sea and sky, but I could not get enough of looking out. The colors and light change constantly, the reflections. I hope to do some large paintings like this.

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Oil Painting: Warren Dunes Sunset

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Remember that night we were camping at Warren Dunes, and we tried to make it to the Lake Michigan beach for the sunset? We were a little late, but the vibrant sky and the dark beach and the fresh air felt like another planet. This little painting doesn’t do it justice, but it was fun to try.

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