Oil Painting: Bluebells

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Crossing my fingers that the varnish on this dries in time for the Prairie Arts Festival this weekend. These bluebells were a gift from a friend and fellow gardener.


Oil Painting: Riverside

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At 36 by 48 inches, this is a large painting for me. Oil on canvas. These foliage projects are so interesting and absorbing. I just get pulled in. I’ll do some outdoor foliage painting tomorrow for the Prairie Plein Air Competition – hoping this easy weather holds. The Prairie Art Festival is coming up on May 27 and 28, so I’m getting ready for that, too. Enjoy the sun!

Oil Painting: Jewelweed

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Jewelweed (also known as touch-me-not) has seedpods that fly apart when touched. This painting was a rehearsal for my recent painting demo with the Glenview Art League. Thanks to the GAL for the opportunity. It was a lot of fun and helped me think about my painting in new ways. Both Jewelweed and Bindweed, and 21 other paintings are on display in the beautiful gallery space at Journeycare here in Glenview. The exhibit will be up for the month of March.

Oil Painting: Bindweed

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What a fine, busy art month we’ve had! Last Saturday was the 28th Annual Glenview Art League Youth Art Fair, which I co-chair. Such an amazing gathering of artists and artwork – every year I am surprised and impressed with the variety and the quality of the art these kids bring it. It is so inspiring! We’ll be posting more about this year’s event on the Glenview Art League website, so check it out. Thanks to all the kids who entered, and to all the people who support and encourage them. Keep on making art!

This is my painting from the recent demonstration I did for the GAL, finally finished. It’s all packed up and ready to go with 24 other large pieces (large for me, ha!), for a month-long exhibit at Journeycare in Glenview. I varnished this with Gamvar – new for me. I really like it. Not too glossy, easy to work with, and not smelly either. I have some other new work I’ll be posting soon.

Oil Painting: Sumac

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Sumac, 20 by 24 inches, oil on canvas. This is a sister painting to Queen Anne’s Lace from yesterday, and part of a group of four paintings marking the autumn equinox. Up in the Bookmarket through December, so check them out if you’re in the area.

I’ll be attending a reception for the Nature in Glenview show tonight at the library. My Asters painting is on display there.

Oil Painting: Queen Anne’s Lace

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Queen Anne’s Lace, another foliage painting in a series observing the autumn equinox. These are hanging in the Bookmarket through December.

Tomorrow night the Glenview Library is hosting a reception for the Nature in Glenview exhibition. It’s from 6:30 to 8, featuring several local artists. Hope to see you there!


Oil Painting: Tigerlily

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I’ve been working on this riotous explosion of foliage for a few weeks. If you follow me on instagram (debrhapainting), you’ll have seen quite a few posts of the work in progress. I had the feeling that this painting knew exactly how it wanted to be, and I just had to clear the way.

Oil Painting: Goldenrod

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16 by 40 inches, oil on gallery wrapped canvas (1.5 inches deep), ©2015 Deb Anderson
16 by 40 inches, oil on gallery wrapped canvas (1.5 inches deep), ©2015 Deb Anderson

Over my head in fall foliage! Focused on brushstrokes here (as always?) – aiming for simple, elegant shapes that communicate and are interesting to look at. I hope you like it. I just had another blog anniversary – I am grateful for the many generous and encouraging visitors over the years. Thanks!

This painting is for sale – contact me if you’re interested. I’m holding off on putting it in the etsy shop for a bit.

Oil Painting: August Garden

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16 by 20 inches, oil on gessoed hardboard, ©2015 Deb Anderson
16 by 20 inches, oil on gessoed hardboard, ©2015 Deb Anderson

Kris and I met at an art fair this summer and she invited me to sketch and take photos in her beautiful garden. Anemone, flocks, hydrangea, hosta and many other plants provided a fascinating array of colors and textures. I really enjoyed working on this one. I’ve been reading Michael Pollan’s “Second Nature” on and off this summer. He writes about the fuzzy definitions of weed, wild, garden and nature and the role humans play (or think we play) in our environment. So this is going through my mind as I paint. And I might have quoted this before, but lines from an inspiring Fleet Foxes song often go through my mind while painting, too:

If I know only one thing
it’s that everything that I see
of the world outside is so inconceivable
often I barely can speak.

Yeah, I’m tongue-tied and dizzy
and I can’t keep it to myself.
What good is it to sing helplessness blues?
Why should I wait for anyone else?

Oil Painting: Techny Basin Reservoir

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20 by 16 inches, oil on gessoed hardboard
20 by 16 inches, oil on gessoed hardboard

This studio piece has been sitting in the corner for a while, waiting for final touches. I used a yellow ground color. It glows through the blue of the sky and water, and helps to harmonize everything else.

I love painting tangled patches of plants. I’m always working on brushstroke variety and control, and the foreground is a smorgasbord of different marks.

Click on the painting to see it in my etsy shop.