Sunrise, Plein Air

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Thick paint, scooped on like frosting! I’m having a lot of fun with this. It’s challenging, and less predictable. When I touch a spot with a brush it might spread out, blend, lift up, or reveal some color I forgot was underneath. Lots of scrapping areas off and trying again. Below are a couple more cloud studies, a small one I did from a photo and an afternoon plein air landscape (nearly the same spot as the one above).



Oil Painting: Green Field

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This painting comes from the fields in West Michigan where I grew up, and where I often visit. That early spring green, the trees still bare.

Oil Painting: Cottage Clouds

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After an amazing family vacation I am catching up on projects and getting ready for this weekend’s Glenview Art League Summer Art Fair! I’ll be donating a small painting to the silent auction, which benefits the Youth Art Fair, so be sure to attend if you can. The painting above is inspired by our recent stay at the cottage on Green Lake in Michigan. I have a few more to post before the show. I’ll be putting some of these in my etsy shop next week.

Oil Painting: Ocean Sunrise

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Another painting of the sky over the ocean, inspired by a recent cruise to the Bahamas. A rainbow of early light moves through the clouds and reflects in the dark water.

Click on the painting to see it in my etsy shop.

Oil Painting: Sea and Sky

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This little six inch painting is inspired by a my recent Caribbean cruise (such an amazing trip). I’d never been on a cruise before. I had been warned that when you’re at see the views are kind of boring, just sea and sky, but I could not get enough of looking out. The colors and light change constantly, the reflections. I hope to do some large paintings like this.

Click on the painting to see it in my etsy shop.

Oil Paintings: Lake and Sky

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Two paintings, each 12 by 24 inches, oil on hardboard
Two paintings, each 12 by 24 inches, oil on hardboard

Happy Old Year! Here are two paintings that I finished up yesterday. Sunlit Lake Michigan, calm and clear, with cumulus clouds up in the distance. As a pair, they form a continuous image, but they also look interesting separated. These are each 12 inches by 24 inches, the same dimensions as Summer Triangle and Winter Circle, a pair of star paintings I was working on this time last year.

(available on etsy)

I’m trying out a few new things (thanks again for the gift cards!). I used a piece of hardboard (masonite) to make a bigger palette and this was my first time using it. I gave it many coats of linseed oil over a couple days, but the porous board still sucked the oil out of my paints, making them stiff. It worked out okay, and with each day’s cleaning it seems to be happening less. It’s great to have a bigger mixing area and it cleans up easily.

I got a new brush, too —  a Princeton Catalyst Polytip bristle flat, no. 6. It’s synthetic and very stiff, I like it a lot, may get a few of the other sizes.

On our trip to Michigan the girls and I tried out a little tin of watercolor pencils, adding color to sketches. Watercolor is tricksy, but these are portable and it’s nice to add simple washes and still have the control and texture of colored pencils. Thumbs up.

High Clouds over the Fairway

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12 by 12 inches, oil on hardboard

The view over a local golf course, on a day when the cumulous clouds were stacked up like mountains.

I have two floral paintings in the North Shore Art League’s “Inchworks” show now through mid-January. All paintings are 12 by 12 inches or smaller. It’s a very nice exhibit and sale at the Community House in Winnetka.