Oil Painting: Bindweed

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What a fine, busy art month we’ve had! Last Saturday was the 28th Annual Glenview Art League Youth Art Fair, which I co-chair. Such an amazing gathering of artists and artwork – every year I am surprised and impressed with the variety and the quality of the art these kids bring it. It is so inspiring! We’ll be posting more about this year’s event on the Glenview Art League website, so check it out. Thanks to all the kids who entered, and to all the people who support and encourage them. Keep on making art!

This is my painting from the recent demonstration I did for the GAL, finally finished. It’s all packed up and ready to go with 24 other large pieces (large for me, ha!), for a month-long exhibit at Journeycare in Glenview. I varnished this with Gamvar – new for me. I really like it. Not too glossy, easy to work with, and not smelly either. I have some other new work I’ll be posting soon.

Oil Landscape: Night

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“Night,” oil on hardboard, 8″ by 10″, by Deb Anderson

Oil Painting: Apple Blossoms

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Apple Blossoms, 8 by 10 inches, oil on hardboard, © Deb Anderson

Oil Painting: Grapes in a Cut Glass Bowl

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Grapes in a Cut Glass Bowl, 6 inches square, oil on hardboard, © Deb Anderson

Another small work, with some vibrant hues. Click here to see this painting in my Etsy shop.

Oil Painting: Bagged Pears

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Bagged Pears, 6 inches square, oil on hardboard, ©Deb Anderson

Such warm colors on these small pears. Bit late for resolutions, but I’m trying to paint 30 days in a row. I’ve been busy with some other fun projects (organizing Glenview’s Youth Art Fair, among other things 🙂 ). It will be good to get back into the regular rhythm of painting.  Click here to see this painting in my Etsy shop.

Oil Painting: Winter Circle

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Winter Circle, 18″ square, oil on canvas, ©Deb Anderson

At long last, here is the fourth and last painting in this seasonal group that just came home from the Bookmarket. I was happy to hang an even larger group that will be up at the Bookmarket through March. Other artists in this show include fellow Glenview Art League members Bud Sents, Mimi Branstrom, and Kay Thomas.


Oil Painting: Sumac

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Sumac, 20 by 24 inches, oil on canvas. This is a sister painting to Queen Anne’s Lace from yesterday, and part of a group of four paintings marking the autumn equinox. Up in the Bookmarket through December, so check them out if you’re in the area.

I’ll be attending a reception for the Nature in Glenview show tonight at the library. My Asters painting is on display there.