Linoprint: Break

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“Break” – linoleum print, 11 by 14 inches, gold ink on paper, by Deb Anderson

Recent linoleum prints have gone in a different direction from my oil paintings. This one explores a fragile, unsettled feeling I have sometimes. Being hollowed out, losing stability, maybe molting, maybe coming undone. The sharp hands keep coming up – sharp, accurate, sinister, precise. These images come from a lot of sketching and doodling, seeing if something looks right and interesting, if it rings an inner bell. Carving the blocks and making the prints, hanging them all over the art room is so satisfying.

Quite a few of my oil paintings are at the Glenview Library until May 14.

Upcoming event: I’ll be in a exhibition at the Danon Gallery in Evanston that opens on May 17 (6 to 9 p.m.), with Erdmut Lerner.

Linoleum Print: Woman

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I’m getting back into printmaking, lately relief and I hope to get set up for silkscreen. It’s an interesting way of exploring ideas and developing sketches. The image above is a linoleum print. I just added it to my etsy shop. I’ll be adding the ones below soon.

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