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Oil Painting: Moonrise

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Moonrise in South Bend, Indiana. 9 by 12 inches, oil on hardboard. I spent a great weekend here with my mom last fall.


Oil Landscape: Night

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“Night,” oil on hardboard, 8″ by 10″, by Deb Anderson

Oil Painting: Summer Triangle of Stars

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Summer Triangle, 18 inches square, oil on canvas, ©Deb Anderson

Not a great photo, I’ll try to get a better one soon. This is part of a 4-painting group marking the the autumnal equinox. They are on display in the Bookmarket through December.


Oil Painting: Cottage Evening

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Another painting inspired by a recent stay at the Green Lake cottage, and the magnificent sky paintings of Robert Roth.

Come and see me at the Summer Art Fair in Glenview this weekend! This nest painting, based on a photo by Savannah Hagey, will be up for auction to benefit the Youth Art Fair.

Oil Painting: Cottage Clouds

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After an amazing family vacation I am catching up on projects and getting ready for this weekend’s Glenview Art League Summer Art Fair! I’ll be donating a small painting to the silent auction, which benefits the Youth Art Fair, so be sure to attend if you can. The painting above is inspired by our recent stay at the cottage on Green Lake in Michigan. I have a few more to post before the show. I’ll be putting some of these in my etsy shop next week.

Oil Painting: the Constellation Aquila Soaring in the Night Sky

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8 inches square, oil on hardboard
8 inches square, oil on hardboard

Here flies the third feathered friend in a recent trio that includes Corvus and Cygnus. Here, Aquila the Eagle soars in the richly hued night sky, above a dark landscape that includes a water tower. I’ve been wanting to paint water towers. The brightest star in Aquila is the prominent Altair – one corner of the summer triangle of stars.

An interesting note from

The Pioneer 11 spacecraft, which was launched in 1973, is heading toward one of the eagle’s stars, Lambda Aquilae, which is 125 light-years away. Pioneer will pass the star in about four million years. Although the spacecraft has already expired, it carries a message from home: a small plaque with information about the craft and its makers — a greeting to the galaxy from the people who made Pioneer 11.

Click on the painting to see it in my Etsy shop.

Oil Painting: Cygnus, the Swan

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8 inches square, oil on hardboard
8 inches square, oil on hardboard

And here is another stellar bird in flight: Cygnus this time.


The brightest stars of Cygnus form a cross, so the swan is also known as the Northern Cross. Find it soaring high overhead during late summer evenings.

The constellation’s brightest star is Deneb. Although it lies about 1,500 light-years from Earth, Deneb shines brightly in our night sky because it’s a white supergiant — a star that’s much larger, hotter, and brighter than the Sun. Deneb is the northeastern point of a star pattern called the Summer Triangle.

Click on the painting to see it in my etsy shop.