Sunrise, Plein Air

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Thick paint, scooped on like frosting! I’m having a lot of fun with this. It’s challenging, and less predictable. When I touch a spot with a brush it might spread out, blend, lift up, or reveal some color I forgot was underneath. Lots of scrapping areas off and trying again. Below are a couple more cloud studies, a small one I did from a photo and an afternoon plein air landscape (nearly the same spot as the one above).



Plein Air: June 2 Sunrise

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June 2 Sunrise, 6 inches square, oil on hardboard.

What an amazing way to start the day.

Plein Air: Sunrise, again

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Sunrise, 8 by 10 inches, oil on hardboard, by Deb Anderson

I went back to the same spot by the lake and painted the sunrise again this morning. The paint acts a lot differently when I apply thicker strokes. I like some of the results.

Oil Painting: Cottage Evening

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Another painting inspired by a recent stay at the Green Lake cottage, and the magnificent sky paintings of Robert Roth.

Come and see me at the Summer Art Fair in Glenview this weekend! This nest painting, based on a photo by Savannah Hagey, will be up for auction to benefit the Youth Art Fair.

Oil Painting: Cottage Clouds

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After an amazing family vacation I am catching up on projects and getting ready for this weekend’s Glenview Art League Summer Art Fair! I’ll be donating a small painting to the silent auction, which benefits the Youth Art Fair, so be sure to attend if you can. The painting above is inspired by our recent stay at the cottage on Green Lake in Michigan. I have a few more to post before the show. I’ll be putting some of these in my etsy shop next week.

Oil Painting of a Water Lily

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A six inch window into summer. In this small painting I focused again on making interesting, descriptive brush marks. Water lilies have this fresh, crisp elegance. The reflections add an interesting element, too. The water is deep and dark, and the bits of red ground bring the heat. Rivers and lakes of western Michigan have been a big part of family vacation and recreation for me. Canoeing, paddle boating, speed boating and swimming.

Click on the painting to see it in my etsy shop.

Oil Painting: Waves at Lake Michigan

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This small wave painting is 6 inches square, lovely water and sky on a Lake Michigan Beach. I’ve been working in (and working on) the studio, but I’m hoping to paint outdoors again soon, especially with the weather so fine. So far improvements to the studio are limited to cleaning. I’d like to put up some art shelves and maybe rearrange furniture in there. Clear it out!

I’m happy to have started posting on Instagram this week: photos, sketches, and pictures of paintings in progress. If you use Instagram find me at debrhapainting.

I also listened to some interesting podcasts and videos recently. The artist Beck Lane shares many videos on youtube. Her three basic rules, if I’m remembering right: 1. There are no rules, 2. It doesn’t matter, and 3. Everything is fixable.

Peas are planted, peach tree is blooming – happy spring!!

Click on the painting to see it in my etsy shop.