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I am back from a great weekend at the Fountain Square Art Festival. A big “thank you” to everyone who stopped in at my booth and shared thoughts, advice, and conversation. I hope those of you who bought paintings are enjoying them. And thank you, Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy, for helping me pack everything up—in the rain—AGAIN! You are so good to me :).

I’m catching up on graphic design work and other projects, but am also full of ideas and energy for new paintings. The Glenview Summer Art Fair is coming up at the end of July. Here’s an in-progress shot of a painting I hope to bring. I toned the board with transparent red earth, and while it was still wet I used a clean brush to wipe out the lightest areas of the painting and locate the basic composition. Then I went back in with indigo blue, darkening the shadow areas. I’m working from several photos I took at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I love this stage of painting. So much energy and potential, and nothing to lose.