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Oil Painting: Sumac

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Sumac, 20 by 24 inches, oil on canvas. This is a sister painting to Queen Anne’s Lace from yesterday, and part of a group of four paintings marking the autumn equinox. Up in the Bookmarket through December, so check them out if you’re in the area.

I’ll be attending a reception for the Nature in Glenview show tonight at the library. My Asters painting is on display there.

Oil Painting: Queen Anne’s Lace

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Queen Anne’s Lace, another foliage painting in a series observing the autumn equinox. These are hanging in the Bookmarket through December.

Tomorrow night the Glenview Library is hosting a reception for the Nature in Glenview exhibition. It’s from 6:30 to 8, featuring several local artists. Hope to see you there!


Oil Painting: Summer Triangle of Stars

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Summer Triangle, 18 inches square, oil on canvas, ©Deb Anderson

Not a great photo, I’ll try to get a better one soon. This is part of a 4-painting group marking the the autumnal equinox. They are on display in the Bookmarket through December.


Oil Painting: Draped Figure

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I had planned to paint outdoors every day for the first week the girls were back at school, but the morning of Day 1 poor Holly woke up with a fever, and Meredith got sick soon after. Lasted over a week, so that’s how this painting began. They are both back to full health.

I worked on this while I did the two Sea Map paintings, and found it interesting how the waves of water and folds of fabric were similar in shape and logic, and in their fleeting nature. Each fold and break, each leaf shape and stem, has history and reasons for being.

This and ten other paintings will be on display at North Park University’s Johnson Center for the next few weeks.

Oil Painting: Sea Map II

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©Deb Anderson, Sea Map II, 24 by 24 inches, oil on canvas

Sea Map II – this is one of several recent paintings inspired by a sea voyage I took last year. Strange feeling to be out of sight of land. Using paint to mark out the endlessly moving terrain of waves and clouds — so interesting.

Oil Painting: Sea Map I

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Here is a description I wrote for the work (including the painting above) showing at North Park University’s Johnson Center, as part of the 2016 Alumni Triennial Art Show:


The More You Look the More You See

paintings by Deb Hendriksma Anderson

Lost in a tangle of plants—chicory, queen anne’s lace, joe pye weed. Bristling structures of thistle. Delicate strands of bindweed. Tense pods of jewelweed, showy plumes of goldenrod. Dry hedgerow, lush forest understory, the fluid surface of water, triangular folds of fabric.

In Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance a young writing student has nothing to say about the world, her country, or her town. Her instructor suggests she narrow her focus to one street or one building, and then to a single brick. With that narrowed focus she is suddenly free to describe and engage with her subject, and to express herself.

For every fact there is an infinity of hypotheses.
The more you look the more you see.

Lost in transient, maybe irrelevant details, painting is a way of paying close attention—a meditation. The subjects become a mirror of the inner landscape. Mapping out my context within changing spaces.

Pickeral Weed




Red Leaf

Light Shift, Left

Light Shift, Right

Sea Map I

Draped Figure

Sea Map II

White Doe

Oil Painting: Portrait of Mom

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Here is a portrait of my dear mom. I hope my love and joy for her come through 🙂

I was invited to do this portrait as part of Tim Lowly’s amazing La Mére/La Mer exhibition that’s been on display at Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana. This weekend the exhibition moves to Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota, where it will be from October 3 to November 10. Tim Lowly is a wonderful artist, teacher, mentor and friend.

Mom met me in South Bend for the reception and a fun overnight trip. Here’s a photo of us in the gallery. My portrait of her was displayed with 5 others by artist’s who have worked with Tim.


I also have 11 paintings on display in the Johnson Center at North Park University. I’ll post individual pics of the new paintings soon. Stop in and see it if you can! I believe the paintings will be on display through November. It’s part of the 2016 Alumni Triennial Show, and there’s some amazing work in the Carlson Gallery, as well as in Brandel Library. My part of the show is entitled The More You Look the More You See.