Oil Painting: the Constellation Aquila Soaring in the Night Sky

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8 inches square, oil on hardboard
8 inches square, oil on hardboard

Here flies the third feathered friend in a recent trio that includes Corvus and Cygnus. Here, Aquila the Eagle soars in the richly hued night sky, above a dark landscape that includes a water tower. I’ve been wanting to paint water towers. The brightest star in Aquila is the prominent Altair – one corner of the summer triangle of stars.

An interesting note from stardate.org:

The Pioneer 11 spacecraft, which was launched in 1973, is heading toward one of the eagle’s stars, Lambda Aquilae, which is 125 light-years away. Pioneer will pass the star in about four million years. Although the spacecraft has already expired, it carries a message from home: a small plaque with information about the craft and its makers — a greeting to the galaxy from the people who made Pioneer 11.

Click on the painting to see it in my Etsy shop.


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