Oil Sketches of Two Orange Slices

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6 by 6 inches, oil on gessoed hardboard, SOLD

Okay, they’re really slices of Minneola tangelos, also known as Honeybells. They are so sweet and flavorful that it almost hurts to eat them. Painfully delicious. These were in the fruit and vegetable box from Fresh Picks last week. Fresh Picks delivers produce, meat and groceries that are mostly local, mostly organic. I set up a biweekly standing order, and I can put extra things in if I choose. It’s not as direct as a CSA, but I like it. Especially for the seasons when the farmers market is closed.

This is another series of timed sketches, 15 minutes each. I was going to do 10 minutes each, but the first one looked so awful at 10 minutes that I couldn’t let it go. I watched a Daily Paintworks video on color mixing last week and I’m trying out some new colors. These sketches are liberating – the stress from the time limit takes all of the stress out of the results. The inner critic is distracted. I like how they look all stacked up together. Different perspectives and different lighting.


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