Inspired by Hundertwasser, watercolor paintings

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10 by 14, gouche watercolor on strathmore paper
9 by 12, gouche watercolor on paper
12 by 9 inches, gouche watercolor on paper

We had some good painting time yesterday. I’ve been looking at paintings by the Austrian artist Friedensrich Hundertwasser. Some of his paintings and architectural work included themes of human reconciliation with nature. They are lovely, whimsical, and strange. I had a lot of fun with this. Against Meredith’s better judgement, I tried an ink wash-off technique after this painting dried. I like how it turned out (below), but I like the pre-ink version better. Ah well.

Meredith’s fairy painting isn’t quite done, but I’m impatient and I’m posting it anyway. It includes a Sun Fairy, and Animal Fairy and Wind Fairy. I’ll repost when she’s finished.

Holly said her painting was about Dad going to work.

Village painting after ink wash off technique

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