Gallery Park Revamp

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thanks for the easel, honey

I had a great time painting outdoors on Monday. I’m working on massing basic shapes, painting accurate values, and composition. Also, I want to be more generous with paint and more deliberate with brushstrokes.

Monday’s painting has room for improvement in all these areas, so I’ll try it again indoors, with some changes. What I liked about the view was the clear, bright sky, and the brittle, bare, upright trees against the horizontal bands of sky, land, and lake.

To get started, I opened my image of the painting in Photoshop and switched it to grayscale. Clearly, it’s very middle gray, without much variation in lights and darks.

Black and white painting, with histogram

So, looking at this, I know I want to make the sky lighter and the land and lake and trees darker. Composition-wise, the horizon is almost right across the middle, which cuts the picture in half awkwardly, so I think I’ll switch to a larger, vertical format: 8 by 10 inches, and lower the horizon. The house roofs peeking over the hill look odd to me, and I might leave them out. But then again, they look a little odd in real life, and they do give a feel for the place. I did a very rough mock up of the changes, and I’ll start working on the new painting soon.

Rough sketch of changes



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